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Observed: 5th May 2010 By: JimbobBrightonJimbobBrighton’s reputation in BirdsJimbobBrighton’s reputation in Birds

Gull seen at East India Dock Basin on 5/5

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This could be a black headed

This could be a black headed gull coming out of winter plumage or possibly 1st winter juv. Wing tips look a little too dark for Mediterranean but I could be wrong. Poss Little Gull? What size was it?

Just go out there and do it!!!

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Young Black-headed Gull

This is one of last years young Black-headed Gulls which looks like it has only just started to moult from 1st winter to 1st summer plumage (1st summer plumage is attained in the 1st summer after fledging). Most will have more obvious dark hoods by now - although some 1st summer birds may not develop full hoods.
The combination of the dark rear edge and white leading edge to the upperside of the wing rule out all other likely species. Mediterranean Gulls actually have a lot more black on the wingtips at this age, and Little Gulls never have the dark trailing edge.
If the bill and legs really are as dark as they look in the photo the colour is unusual, but Black-headed Gulls can rarely have dark bill & legs.

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Thanks for the feedback, very

Thanks for the feedback, very useful and I guess I was being a bit over optimistic...