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Observed: 16th September 2012 By: Brownbird
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
big bird

Blackbird (as identified by ophrys) - which I assume to be a juvenile or female due to its dull feathers and beak. But do correct me if I'm wrong.

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Yes, definitely a female, rather than a juvenile. Juvenile just applies to Blackbirds when they have their rather spotty plumage after leaving the nest, with many feathers buff tipped. By mid-September, they have mostly moulted into the plumage which will take them through to next summer. They do keep a few juvenile feathers in the wing, though, and those often look paler than the adult feathers. Can't really see whether that is true for this bird...

All in all, a female, whether adult or immature.


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Thanks a lot for the information!
It's really helpful :)