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Caterpillar - but which one?

Observed: 20th October 2012 By: PhilT69PhilT69’s reputation in InvertebratesPhilT69’s reputation in InvertebratesPhilT69’s reputation in Invertebrates

This strange caterpillar was on a lichen-clad wall of a bridge over a burn. Its about 5cm in length, and seems to have good camouflage, with small green blotches (which have tiny black dots on them) along its body above each? leg. The body colour is the grey-brown of a typical twig on a tree (or maybe a plant with woody stem). Nearby trees were mostly willow,and conifers across the lane.

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This is an awesome looking caterpillar! How many legs did it have?

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strange caterpillar - legs -

I did not pick it up but there seem to be 10 or maybe 12(?) legs. I'm not sure where the head is!!

Phil T.

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I have to say i can't really make out the head either! I think the 'top' end looks to have legs so i think it is facing down but can't be sure...

If it had 10/12 legs then it is actually not a Butterfly or Moth caterpillar and may be a fly caterpillar of some sort..