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Clothes Moth?

Observed: 12th July 2009 By: colhig17colhig17’s reputation in Invertebratescolhig17’s reputation in Invertebratescolhig17’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Seen on wall in our hall. I know we used to have clothes moths, could they be back?

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Dingy Footman

I think charlieb has this one correctly identified as Dingy Footman. It is much larger than any of the few moth species that are capable of eating clothes - Dingy Footman has a wingspan of 32-40mm, whereas the largest moth that can damage fabrics is the Brown House Moth (Hoffmanophila pseudospretella), with a wingspan of 16-25mm, and the true clothes-moths in genus Tinea are tiny at around 9-16mm wingspan. None of the larger moths (macro-moths) are after your clothes!

In fact, out of the approx. 2,500 species of moth in Britain, only ten or so are capable of eating cloth, and only a handful of those are widespread nowadays. In the wild, they feed on various materials of animal origin, such as feathers and debris in bird nests, or hair in mammal nests.

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