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Companion of the Bath

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This wee chap wanted to share my bath tonight! Possibly Tegenaria gigantea also known as T. duellica

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ID comment

You cannot go to species from a photograph. Can I suggest you re-enter an ID of just Tegenaria.

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Saw your comment after I had done just that!

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T. saeva

I wonder why iSpot has suggested this when I entered just Tegenaria? The distribution shown by the British Arachnological Society seems to suggest that T gigantea is more likely that T saeva in the east of the country.

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iSpot in generally quite reliable but there are just a few entries that are questionable and this is one of them and it's a case of overriding the names as you have done. Unfortunately you only find this out by making the plunge and being subsequently corrected, which has happened to us all.

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Crossed lines?

I wonder if my question has added to confusion? I corrected the ID to Tegenaria and am more than happy with that. But at the foot of that corrected ID iSpot offers "Search Encyclopedia of Life for Tegenaria saeva" and "View NBN map for Tegenaria saeva". Why, when a genus was identified, does it offer information about a particular species, especially a species which has not been suggested at all in the entry up to that point.

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Crossed lines

Yes possibly. Having looked at it, if you enter House Spider as a common name and press "get recommended" T. saeva comes up as the default (I think that's what I meant). Therefore you have to manually override it just to get Tegenaria as your ID and that is why it is showing this species in the NBN etc detail.

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Short term memory aint what it was ...

... but I think I put in Tegenaria and accepted that from the drop-down list. Can't recall if I then used "get recommended" or just typed in "house spider".

It's of little consequence anyway, just curious to know how iSpot "thinks"!