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Dead mouse

Observed: 28th October 2012 By: MrMotoMrMoto’s reputation in MammalsMrMoto’s reputation in Mammals

Mouse a cat killed in garden, cat comes in garden a lot, must be for the mice. mouse was still warm,cat in garden. took photo then put mouse back in garden, would rather have mice in garden than the cat.

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Cat deterrence -

Pepper puts them off, but you have to re-apply it after rain - so this year my lawn has received a plentiful application of cat faeces!
If you can catch them with a water-pistol or hosepipe, that works well too; but you have to be quick.

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cats are a pain!

I chased one out of my garden twice this morning - first time sitting on the wall, staring at the bird feeders, and second time it was up the pear tree, after jackdaws and pigeons. Though I wouldn't mind if it took a few pigeons, I suppose. And the mess the cat leaves is vile.

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Real problem

I had a stray hanging about and kept chasing it away I sprinkled chilli powder in the area's it was going to the loo.They cause so much destruction and don't even eat what they kill,they kill because they can sorry only animal I dislike and also would rather have mice


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If we're honest

We have to admit that people are really the problem. We quite happily let cats (and dogs, too) run free, not caring about where they hunt or defecate.
Cats just do what they do - but they're not prey-limited the way a sparrowhawk is. If they kill too many prey animals, they can just go home to the human with the can-opener.
I have no problem with people keeping pets if they care for them and prevent them causing nuisance and environmental damage, just like I have no problem with people killing animals for food. It's the lack of respect for the environment - and, let's face it, the animals as well - that I deplore.
End of rant. Sorry!

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no worries your allowed to rant

I understand I have two dogs but they are controlled and trained.I think we are sadly the minority and a lot of people have no connection to the natural world and even worse don't want too.I am the opposite I will make sure the birds are feed every morning before I feed myself and I am very in tune with nature.I think most people are oblivious to what there cat's get up to when there kicked out for the night