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Empty pupal case

Observed: 1st May 2010 By: Rob ColemanInvertebrates expert

Found this pupal case attached to a beech tree in mature decidous woodland. Its about 25mm long and 8mm wide. What came out of it?

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Pupal case

Some of the Lymantrids have "hairy" pupal cases - Vapourer perhaps? A slightly sharper view of the cremaster might help.

Robert Homan

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I think this is too large for

I think this is too large for Vapourer - their pupae are usually around 15mm. This definitely looks like a Lymantrid of some sort, but I can't find anything that fits - closest I can find is White Satin, but that would be about 9 weeks early. Anyone know any other fairly chunky, hairy-pupa'd candidates?

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Are these hairs, or could they be some sort of fungal infection? There also seems to be a larval case of the micro-moth Psyche casta at the top of the picture!

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I've added a couple of extra

I've added a couple of extra pictures of this - with a scale in mm. I'm not sure this helps too much?!

Rob Coleman

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I've spent a couple of years

I've spent a couple of years working on fungal infections in insects, and it just doesn't giss right for a fungus - no further forward on what it actually is though!

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