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Wood Blewit (Lepista nuda) ?

Observed: 28th October 2012 By: stefka29stefka29’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
2012-10-28 11.44.37
2012-10-28 11.44.49
2012-10-28 11.45.03

by an old oak tree.
over 10cm in diameter
sorry for the bad camera definition


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nope white gills

the gills were white and the cap is light brown (the photo is a bit too dark compared to real life)


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Your camera gives a purple

Your camera gives a purple tint to your pictures something you should now point out or get rectified.

All given ID's are subject to error/ommissions. Please seek independent verification before acting on ANY advice given. BE SAFE =)

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will try

that's my phone camera, maybe at my next walk I'll try and take my 'proper camera' if rain isn't on the forecast!


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actually you could have been right Dorset.Mushroom.Hunters

Actually it could be my eyes that don't see the hint ;)
I went with a friend for a walk today and we found some very similar one (see my new spot) and actually my friend mentioned the hint of purple on the feet and gills for some while it didn't strike me)