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Saccorhiza polyschides

I have recently seen the common name spelled Furbellows (and indeed mistaking used it myself) but the more common and established spelling is Furbelows.

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Hi Scubamann,yeah thats the

Hi Scubamann,

yeah thats the spelling I was familiar with from viewing it in the MarLIN gallery but I thought I had made an error in using one L in our other discussion when you used two L's in your response. As you clearly knew what you were talking about as regards the similarities between Sugar kelp and Furbelow, I took it as read that you were correcting my spelling. Thanks for pointing out why I confused the sugar kelp with the above plant.


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Not to worry, the scientific

Not to worry, the scientific name is the important one, if its ok then there's no problem in any observation.


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Worth another go actually (or

Worth another go actually (or repost) as the Latin's wrong as well: polyschides not poyschides (how did we all miss it?)

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I now try to avoid agreeing to flawed IDs because Likely is often VERY difficult to shift.
Tagging this Marine might get a few more agreements.

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Hi Chris and Derek, I only

Hi Chris and Derek,

I only noticed my old error today. My latin wasn't right after all. Derek I will tag as you suggest.