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Observed: 15th October 2012 By: AdamCarter

Fruiting body rose coloured, growing on sawn tree stump.


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Fungi Identification

Any help on this species would be much appreciated as it is for part of an assignment. I have tried using 'The Encyclopedia of Fungi of Britain and Europe' by Michael Jordan, and have decided it has to be part of the Tremellales order??

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Understandable, but wrong phylum

The Tremellales are an order within the phylum Basidiomycota (the same phylum that contains toadstools, bracket fungi, etc.). The surface produces a layer of basidia, which release basidiospores - sexually produced spores.

In this case the fungus is actually one of the cup fungi in the phylum Ascomycota. It doesn't look like a cup or disc here as Ascocoryne sarcoides produces this asexual stage, which indeed looks like one of the Tremellales but instead the surface produces tiny, slightly wavy, narrow, thin walled conidia (asexual spores).

I hope this helps.