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Orange spider with white stripe MK12

Observed: 27th October 2012 By: Simon Buckingha...
Orange spider with white stripe MK12

This orange spider was walking along the path near our house MK12. My thumb shows the scale. It had a quite distinctive white stripe down it's back.
Its movement was distinctive to my untrained eye: alternating left + then right legs - do 'normal' spiders walk like that? See movie:

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good to move...

...invertebrates where it belongs. much more help on ID and expertise :)

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The other examples don't look as orange as ours, but I can see the family resemblance. Interesting that they lose spots (and hence their cross) in this season.

(My kids are interested to see how iSpot works so well - me too: this was my first ever observation :-)


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Welcome to iSpot! I'd say that the movement in the video looks normal for a garden spider, but now you come to mention it it is quite distinctive isn't it. Will watch more closely next time I see one to see if they always move like this!

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