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Sea belt

Observed: 28th October 2012 By: DizzyBlondeDizzyBlonde’s reputation in Plants

3 feet long & wasted up by the tide. Please help ID.

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Hi Dizzyblonde and

Hi Dizzyblonde and Scubamann,

Is that the scientific name recognised by iSpot? I thought I recognised the frilly frond as that which grows from a furbelow and the last time I was on MarLIN I discoverd furbelow and sugar kelp were the same thing. They seem to have the scientific name 'Saccharina latissima' for the species?


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Sugar Kelp

I have never heard of "Sea Belt" but it may be a local name in Channel Isles.
Furbellows [Saccorhiza poyschides] indeed has a frilly frond but it is on each side of the stipe near the base or holdfast. The "leaf" is broad flat and smooth, and usually some distance from the frill.
Saccharina latissima (formerly Laminaria saccharina)has a short narrow stipe but the blade is wrinkled all the way along its edges.
Sorry, I don't know about Marlin.
I hope that helps.
I am very new to iSpot (this year)and have not found out everything about etiquette etc.

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Thanks Scubaman,I think I

Thanks Scubamann,

I think I viewed a pic on MarLIN'S page on saccharina latissima of the winter holfast of the species and it looked like a furbellow to me but maybe its just a similarity.

I took some pics recently of what I took to be furbellows washed up on the beach, I'd appreciate your opinion on them as at this stage I dont know if they are Saccorhiza poyschides of Saccharina latissima, I'll post soon and add the link. Yes I think Ive got it, the ones I saw had pretty crazy frills near the base- furbellows?


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Sugar kelp

Firstly an apology to Dizzyblonde as I have just found a reference in an old book to Sugar kelp or Sea Belt. Never previously known to me.

Saccorhiza polyschides is the scientific name for Furbelows; though I have recently seen this in a book as Furbellows. I believe this latter is a typo and Furbelows (single "l") should pertain.

I only joined about four weeks ago [though have been diving/studying; 20 years longer]. and still finding my way around the site, and even my own Profile

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I put 2 lls in as I thought I

I put 2 lls in as I thought I had it wrong when I saw your spelling! Furbelow it is then. I only joined a year ago myself but the more marine knowledge the better so please share your knowledge with dabblers like me- there are a few people on here with knowledge and interest in marine life but iSpot could use more!

Hope you get a look at those 2 linked observations of what I think are furbelows, hopefully you agree- if I am not totally wrong.


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Sorry Dizzyblonde for all

Sorry Dizzyblonde for all this on your post, here's why your pics caught my eye:




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Above in my first comment I

Above in my first comment I have said that sugar kelp (now called Saccharina latissima) and furbelow (Saccorhiza polyschides) are the same thing. They are clearly separate species.

Should a revised ID containing Sacchorina latissima be introduced above considering the updated name?


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New name

A vain attempt to bring the post up to date. Saccharina latissima is in the Drop-down and I used it correctly but FAILED to invoke a clean panel. Best to agree to the old name then.