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Unknown shrub/tree

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Unknown shrub/tree

Shape of leaf appeared to be like an Acer, but uncertain - growing in hedgerow in north east England.
Submitted by Gateshead Voluntary Rangers

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Looks more like Guelder Rose to me...

The leaves are not Acer Campestre (we go CAMPing in Fields, hence easy-to-remember Field Maple), as those are much more rounded at the ends of the lobes.

It's a bit hard to see the arrangement of the leaves, but as you think it's an Acer, presumably they were opposite?

It does look rather like Guelder Rose, Viburnum Opulus, which is a member of the Elder family hence the opposite leaves.

A hedgerow is a very likely place to find it, and if it is a regularly-trimmed hedgerow, there may not be any berries to be seen, which is a shame as the translucent red berries are a good way to ID this shrub.

Do you have any additional photos?

Rachy Ramone

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