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Greenfinch (2)
Greenfinch (3)

Very large amounts of Greenfinches at the moment I have counted 25 in total on the feeders and in the tree waiting to go onto them plus feeding on the ground no disease seen either

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Lovely to see

Good to hear they are doing well, our local population was wiped out. My GBW data shows I had one obviously diseased male making an occasional appearance towards the end of 2010 but sadly I have recorded Greenfinches in the garden only six times since.



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Keep note

I will keep note of the amount as I too record them weekly for the B.T.O but do manual records posted monthly.I have not seen any disease but that may be because I am so rural no other habitation for a few miles so maybe my population is resident or do they move about.I also clean my feeding area and feeders with sterilizing fluid weekly but not sure if that would make any difference.


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It's worth bearing in mind that finches do move around a lot. Ringing in the garden, I can easily ring 200 Goldfinches in a few weeks and I do not retrap any at all. I can do 30 one day and 30 the next with no sign of the previous day's birds. Greenfinches are similar, but I do retrap a few, so some are more resident. It is very likely, though, that when people see , for example, six Greenfinches in their garden each day, it is actually different birds every time.


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Thanks ophrys

That is interesting as I was never sure