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Bindweed by the Derwent

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Bindweed by the Derwent

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Ah, the lovely huggable Sylvia...

Easy way to distinguish between this and C. sepum (Hedge bindweed) is to look at the bracts, at the base of the white petals.

If they overlap - as you can clearly see in the right-hand flower in your photo - then it's silvatica.

If the two bracts only just meet, without overlapping, (or only overlapping very slightly) then it's sepum.

I used to have an Aunt Sylvia who was very "huggy".... so if the bracts are "hugging" the flower, then it's Aunt Silvatica...

There is also (allegedly) a difference in the shape of the leaves' basal sinus, but testing this out in the field has made me doubt it.

Rachy Ramone

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