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Unknown purple flowering plant

Observed: 23rd October 2012 By: Mair

The foliage seemed hairy when the plant was initially growing but now it's flowered there are only a few hairs which can be seen where the dark spots are on the leaves. i left it growing as had (& have) no idea what it is... any ideas?

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What a lovely thing!

I haven't come across this one before: apparently the seeds are often included in wild bird mixes, so it occasionally pops up in gardens under the feeders.

You can see why the second name is physalodes - those inflated seed-pods are quite similar to Physalis, or Chinese Lantern.

Rachy Ramone

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Thank you so much for the

Thank you so much for the identification :) Had trawled through countless pages of purple flowering plants on other sites & within a day i've got my answer on iSpot; great stuff!