Can you help tell an iSpot story?

Martin Harvey's picture

Have you used iSpot as part of a bigger project, or to investigate a particular puzzle? Have you been on a journey with iSpot to discover wildlife that you didn't know about before?

We're always keen to hear from people who use iSpot and can tell a story that might encourage others to join the iSpot community. If you're happy for us to feature your story please do get in touch. We might be able to tell the tale in a magazine article, news release, broadcast or website feature, and this can really help us get the message out that wildlife is fascinating, that iSpot can help you explore it, and that there are loads of great people and organisations on iSpot who can help take your interest further.

If you're willing to be involved in this way please contact us, letting us know a bit about your story and that you're happy for us to get in touch. We won't use your information anywhere without your permission, but it's really helpful to us to have a pool of people we can contact when opportunities arise.

Perhaps you've used iSpot to learn a new group of species, to confirm identifications for a survey, to get kids interested in wildlife, or simply to find out more about the plants and animals you see in your local area - whatever the story, we'd love to hear from you.