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Observed: 24th October 2012 By: MikeHollandMikeHolland’s reputation in PlantsMikeHolland’s reputation in Plants
Common Hawthorn
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You seem to have a problem with locations - you've got two observations in the middle of the North Sea, and one in Belgium.

Also, by Black Hawthorn did you mean Crataegus douglasii which iSpot thinks you did, but which isn't really plausible, or something else?

(From the fruit and spines we call tell that it's a hawthorn (Crataegus sp.) rather than a blackthorn (Prunus spinosa.)

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Thanks for comment, as for my

Thanks for comment, as for my locations of my observations i think ISPOT must change them when i tick the box that says "Do not show location".

Atfer a little more research i now know that its common hawthorn and not blackthorn as i first thought.

Thanks for your help it lead me the right way... cheers...