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Pink gilled fungus

Observed: 25th October 2012 By: GWJGWJ’s reputation in Fungi and LichensGWJ’s reputation in Fungi and LichensGWJ’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

This was growing at the joint of a wall and pavement. The veil had not fully pulled back. The cap was white and rounded while the gills were very pink\brown. Stem short and thick. No special smell.


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Its an agaricus, do you have

Its an agaricus, do you have more pictures from different angles

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having looked again it seems

having looked again it seems to be Agaricus bitorquis

Gareth Jones

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Unfortunately, no. I now

Unfortunately, no. I now think it is Agaricus bitorquis as I've seen an older specimen with flattish cap and brown gills. Pavement location suggests Agaricus bitorquis

Gareth Jones

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Credit to Mike

When adding my revision above, I didn't notice that MikeD had already suggested the same.

We really need a view of the outside of the stem. A good idea to cut a single specimen in half, but then one half should be placed to show the cut flesh and gill attachment, the other half to show the exterior characters.

Ring characters are very important and are needed here. A. bitorquis has the diagnostic, sheathing double ring and without seeing this, I cannot say whether it could be that or not. Possible in this case, and supported by the ruderal habitat, but I am very doubtful.

I still favour A. campestris, which is also quite capable of turning up in urban settings, or a pale A. bisporus. But this is speculation - Agaricus is a critical genus and we don't have enough information here.