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I can't quite decide on this

I can't quite decide on this one, but think it probably is a young Rook, based on the pointed, symmetrical beak and slight suggestion of a crown peak, as well as bare patch under eye. See (Young Rook also turns out to be a rapper!)

Rob Coleman

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My first instinct on looking at pics was rook, I also think it is the beak that's pushing me that way


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Carrion Crow has a much heavier beak

The bill gradually tapers to a point, which is typical of a Rook - even though it lacks the pale colour of an adult. The bill of a Carrion Crow is more parallel sided near the base with a strongly curved upper mandible at the tip.
You have to look closely to see the features Rob mentioned - they are all there, but a lone young Rook can easily be overlooked!