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Funny eggs

Observed: 13th October 2012 By: AMSmout
Funny eggs

These black eggs masses. They were found near Clatto Reservoir in Fife


No identification made yet.

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Star jelly again?

Maybe an ID for the black eggs could solve the 'star jelly' mystery. Unfortunately I have no ideas!

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Ova mass from

Ova mass from Frog/Toad,probably taken as prey.


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Black 'eggs' do look like

Black 'eggs' do look like certain Myxo's. Why would frogs have developed eggs in them in October!
Agree this is repeat of an often seen mystery substance. Any DNA testers about?

All given ID's are subject to error/ommissions. Please seek independent verification before acting on ANY advice given. BE SAFE =)

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Usually see this in the

Usually see this in the spring and often accompanied by some intestines(tubes anyway, can they be anything else?). It is only from frogs where I am as there are no toads here in Ireland. Similar ob. yesterday evening lacking the aqueous mass but including the tubes not present in this one, the black ova are in both.

I agree with Grianoger and GrizzledBadger- frog/toad. The ova are there and the jelly is there, I think its frogspawn but 2 part frogspawn, unintegrated. The jelly probably cannot be in this kind of mass inside the frog as it would explode. It must only swell up like this when it is exposed to the elements- or comes into contact with water, that would explain how it envelopes each ova post exiting its depositor? Problem would be, if a heron rips open and eats the frog/toad, the mechanism which creates the frogspawn we are familiar with doesnt get to happen and the spawn happens in 2 parts, seperately and beside each other.

Thats what I think happens, I could be totally wrong. As for the time of year, maybe frogs/ toads have ova in them long before spawning time?