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Observed: 24th October 2012 By: Andy Carden
  • a Newt track
    Confidence: It might be this.
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Smooth newt tracks, perhaps?

Thanks for the newt suggestion. I had not considered that. Can any amphibian expert confirm it?

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Surprised that there's no

Surprised that there's no trail from the tail. Newts walk, in grass, as they swim; with a wiggle.


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Newt tracks?

I am still intrigued and unsure. I googled for images of newt tracks, and the photos that came up were these same ones, my own! Lifted by Google from iSpot. So that didn`t prove anything. Thanks for your help.

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I am surpised that the

I am surpised that the amphibian experts haven't come back with any pics.


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Looks like newt tracks ok,

Looks like newt tracks ok, maybe Masked Marvel (iSpot amphibian expert) will confirm. I had a look at newt feet in this ob. of mine here, front seems to be 4 toes and back 5?

Its newty looking alright, I thought rat at first but more newty I think:


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Just had another look, I

Just had another look, I think I am seeing nail marks at the ends of the toes. If they are nail marks then this is probably a rodent?


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Sorry i went straight to the other post of these pictures and missed this entire thread!

I don't think it is a newt as personally i would expect tail drag mark to be present, i would have thought the prints would also be much less defined than they are here, and though scale is difficult i think they should be closer together...

As Cathal suggests, nail marks appear to be present, the defined print suggests a small mammal (at least to me!) and the arrangement of toes (again for me) suggest Rat though the small fifth does appear to be lacking or at least hasn't left a mark in the sediment..

Of course i have no evidence to back any of this up!

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Agree small mammal

but not enough detail to get an actual identification