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Greek iSpot?

There has been discussion, on and off, about foreign observations being posted on iSpot. Since I live in Crete, the wildlife I observe is necessarily foreign, and I have been very appreciative of all the help I have had from iSpot users in identifying some of my posts. But, at the same time, I feel slightly guilty, because I know many British users understandably don't want iSpot cluttered up with foreign observations.

I also sometimes feel frustrated because, again understandably, there isn't always someone knowledgeable about Cretan wildlife on hand at iSpot. So I got to fantasising about a Cretan or Greek iSpot where local experts might be able to answer my questions.

Would you (ie the powers that be at iSpot) object to me contacting the Natural History Museum of Crete, which is run by the University if Crete, to suggest the idea? And if you have no objection, would there be any possibility of a collaboration, or some kind of 'franchise', to avoid the Greeks having to re-invent the wheel?

Of course, they may not be interested nor have the resources for it, but I thought it would be worth a try. And it would get rid of those pesky Greek posts on iSpot!

Marianne Pryor



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We are looking to

We are looking to internationalise now so are looking for overseas collaborators. will mention your comment to the team.

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I would be sorry to see all

I would be sorry to see all the sightings of Greek amphibians and reptile disappear as Greece is the best place in Europe for this group. and with not so many species in Britain its nice to have some variety.

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Greek iSpot

I'd love a Greek iSpot, as I spend several weeks each year in Aegina and take masses of photos of wildlife there. I've posted some of these - birds and butterflies in particular - on iSpot, and have been impressed by the assistance I've had from iSpotters based in the UK, but I'm reluctant to post all the little bugs and beetles I come across. However, times are hard in Greece at the moment! You may find the Museum is willing but lacks resouces.

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Greek iSpot

I have taken quite a number of photos of plants in Greece over the last year and began posting them on here. However, although some identifications were made, and I had some great help from iSpotters, overall the response wasn't great and so I stopped doing it in the end.

I think that a Greek iSpot would be a wonderful idea, as would other national iSpots, but it would have to be done in a way in which, for example, a user in the UK wouldn't miss out on Greek posts if they so desired. The user could possibly be asked what range or "template" they want their view of iSpot to be. Some might want pan-European, some Atlantic Isles, some a region within the UK, some North-West Europe, some Mediterranean etc. The user could change this at any time. With geo-location of observations as exists at the moment, this should be technically feasible.

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These kinds of things are

These kinds of things are being worked on and hopefully there should be something to show by later in the summer.

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Re: These kinds of things are

That's great - thanks for the info Mike.

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National iSpots

I don't mind some overseas (European) observations, though I do feel South African and Australian plants is going a bit far, as it lets one learn about the broader European flora, and gives one a bit of an occasional challenge (for example my recent identification of Prasum majus from Gibraltar). But if 75% of observations were from outside the UK that would be a different matter.

I'm also a bit of an expert on Malvaceae. That being the case it would not be unreasonable to set my filters for plants in general to the UK, but worldwide for Malvaceae. That would need an implementation of more precise taxonomic filtering. (What would be needed would be a tree, where you can set the filters for the broader group, and drill down and set the specifically for some subgroups.)

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ISpot South Africa exists

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But we will all be one with iSpot 3

I do hope the filtering is good; I say this even though I’m one who loves seeing observations from outside the UK.



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iSpot 3?

is this in the pipeline? Did I miss the announcement?


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... I just keep my ear to the ground ;-)