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Observed: 27th October 2009 By: Ray MurphyRay Murphy’s reputation in Birds
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One of the many sunbirds. The colours are just phenominal.

    Likely ID
    (Orange-bellied) variable Sunbird (Cynnyris venustus igneiventris)
    Confidence: It might be this.
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Sunbirds and hummingbirds

Although hummers and sunbirds look so similar and have very similar habits and ecological niches, they are not closely realted. Hummers are African and Asian, hummers are American. Sunbirds are passerines, hummers are not.
As with all metallic colours, and some others, in birds, the colours are not part of the bird - they are produced by the micro surface structure of the feathers which refracts light.

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Thanks for sharing that

Thanks for sharing that photo. What a beautiful bird!

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variable sunbird

Nice shot - not a bird I've seen for a while and it's good to recall the 'problem' of separating 'little coloured jobs' rather than 'little brown jobs'. It's certainly a variable sunbird; couldn't say for sure which race or subspecies,