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Viviparous lizard

Observed: 31st May 2004 By: djm4djm4’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptilesdjm4’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles

Viviparous lizard at Millport

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Viviparous lizard

Well done to get such good photos. Any other interesting wildlife on Cumbrae?


"Wildlife is for Everyone"

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Cumbrae wildlife

There are, allegedly, Slow Worms at Lion Rock, but I've never seen one (not that I'd expect to, they're secretive and hard to spot). In fact, in seven years of visiting the island, this is the only time I've seen a lizard.

There's quite a variety of bird life on the island - possibly the most obvious being Eiders and Oystercatchers. And there are seals in Millport Harbour.

David Matthewman

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Common lizard

This species is also known as the common lizard, both names are applicable as they are both common and viviparous (give birth to live young).

I spent a wonderful study week, with the University of York, at Millport Marine Research Station in 1992. I didn't see any lizards though.

Graham Banwell

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