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Observed: 14th October 2012 By: PhilT69PhilT69’s reputation in Fungi and LichensPhilT69’s reputation in Fungi and LichensPhilT69’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Cap ~12cm across; greyish with lilac tinge and 3(or more) darker grey concentric rings towards the circumference. Plenty of white 'milk' oozing from gills, which are cream-coloured.
Found in grassy area beneath large oaktrees where sheep graze.
To decide this species is difficult - it has characteristics of several spp but none fit exactly (several close matches are somewhat smaller than this).


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future finds

It is worth with future find's noting exact tree type it's growing next to which I know you have done ,also some have distinctive smell's cap if greasy and put a bit of the milk on a paper hanky as some change colour over an hour or so,I have a book on Lactarius and as you say there are a few similar to this one.