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Deer in field at Burwell, cambs

I travel between Fordham and Cambridge once a week, and have seen regularly over the last 2 - 3 years a small herd of deer sitting/standing in the middle of a large field. They are always in the same spot and are not near any cover. They seem to disappear for a few months in the summer, then come back. The field is on the Fordham side of Burwell, and is on the north side of the road. Any ideas why they choose such an open spot, and the same spot all the time???? I think they might be roe deer???



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Creatures of habit -

Like most animals, deer develop routines of behaviour, visiting favoured spots regularly. An open area may offer them no cover, but the same goes for potential predators; so as long as all goes well, and there is food/safety there, they will probably continue to use it.
If they are disturbed from a spot, they soon learn to distrust it, and will start avoiding it unless there is a more powerful attraction (such as something really tasty).