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Could this be Protoblastemia calva?

Observed: 19th October 2012 By: Ginny B
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P1040264_unknown lichen
P1040265_unknown lichen with mm measure
P1040267_unknown lichen through a hand lens

These tiny, tan coloured, domed fruiting bodies (the measure in picture 2 is mm) are growing on the stone of a house wall that was at one time lime washed. I think this lichen is actually growing on what is left of the lime wash, but it difficult to be sure, so I’m uncertain if there is a thin, greyish white thallus or not. The fruiting bodies reacted K+ crimson.
Could this be Protoblastemia calva, a picture of which I found on the Internet and which it seems to resemble? Sadly there was no description of its preferred habitat.


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Reminds me of...

the Caloplaca flavovirescens that I mistook for Protoblastenia rupestris... except my find had a yellow thallus.


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I see what you mean

I see what you mean, Nigel. They certainly do look rather similar but for the thallus colour.


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Thank you, gardener

Thank you for the identification. I should have found your link myself and obviously have been looking at the wrong websites!


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But ...

You got very close!

Note that many British records of P. calva are actually P. lilacina.