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Urtica urens - small nettle

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Urtica urens
Urtica urens
Urtica urens

Apologies for fuzzy pictures!
Leaves overall more rounded than common Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica) and with terminal point very much in line with leaf edge, not extending beyond it.
Said to be a much "worse" sting than stinging nettle: I was not prepared to test this, in order to confirm the ID. I'm not that dedicated.

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The general appearance of these looks like Common Nettle, to me. The lower leaves should be shorter than their stalks, if they are Small Nettle.


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Small nettle?

There were the usual amounts of common Stinging Nettle elsewhere in this lane: they were all at end-of-season condition, ie very tall, flowered, and starting to die back, whereas this group of plants seemed to be young and fresh, and markedly different looking.

To me, the shape of the leaf was the main indicator: quite rounded, compared to the very much longer and more pointed leaves of the Stinging Nettles.

I did not check the petiole length (well, it was raining hard and we were on our way back) nor did I dig one up to check on its root system, so I could be wrong...

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