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Agreements & "Most Likely ID"

I'd like to suggest a slight change to the way the "most likely ID" is derived.

At present, it appears that the "most likely" ID depends on the expertise level of the person making the ID - people adding agreements have no impact on this.

This gets us to the situation where we can have a number of IDs for an observation but the "correct" ID is not showing as the "most likely", because it was provided by a person with a lower expertise rating than the person making the other ID. If I "agree" with the "correct" ID, this makes no difference to the "most likely ID" at all. The only way for me to move the "most likely" ID to the correct determination would be for me to post another revision, but with the same ID that has already been made by a previous poster.

Could the system be revised slightly so the expertise levels of people agreeing with and ID are taking into account when deciding the "most likely" ID.



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Agreeing should make a difference

Hi Matt,

The most likely ID is given to the ID that has the highest combined reputation of the author and all the people who have agreed. If this is not the case then it could be a potential bug. Could you give a link to any observations which are an example of your point?


Richard G - iSpot technical team

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Just looked at an observation where my "agreement" did cause the "most likely" ID to change once the page reloaded. Whatever the problem was it seems to be ok now.

Tachinid Recording Scheme

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Thanks for the response

Glad to hear it seems to be working ok.

Richard G - iSpot technical team