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Baffled - looks like a Milkcap without the Milk!

Observed: 20th October 2012 By: stevenelawsonstevenelawson’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensstevenelawson’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensstevenelawson’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
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This looks exactly like the Lactarius azonites in my Collins guide - except there's no milk! It has the same adnate, whitish gills, the same rolled margin on the cap, the same stem...


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Thanks for taking the trouble to comment, however, I'm not sure this is a Violet Domecap.
Firstly, there's no violet colouring in the cap at all, but more importantly, the stem is pure white (apart from the mud on the base) whereas Calocybe ionides has a darker, fibrillose stipe (according to my Collins guide) becoming lighter at the base.

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This looks more like a

This looks more like a Blewitt to me. It's difficult to tell because I'm not sure the colour values are right.

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@ parad1se

Hi there, thanks for the input. As to the colour values, the image is pretty accurate - the cap was a lightish brown, the gills and stipe a fairly bright cream

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@ parad1se

I've just done a Google image search and while there are a lot of Wood Blewits which have a lilac tinge to the caps and greyish gills, there are also lots which have the brown/cream colouration of the one in the picture I've posted. So, you may be right with your Blewit ID.