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Crustose lichen

Observed: 23rd June 2012 By: georgi1313
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grey, crustose lichen with black fruiting bodies

grey, crustose lichen with black fruiting bodies (spores)


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  • crustose lichen
    Confidence: It's likely to be this, but I can't be certain.
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crustose lichen

crustose lichen

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Lecanora gangaleoides?

Looks similar to some Lecanora species. Your lichen has a crustose type thallus and a white outside edge (prothallus). With the black discs of the apothecia (fruiting bodies) you might check the 'Search iSpot' panel for images of Lecanora gangaleoides to compare pictures with your lichen.

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Lecanora gangaleoides

I though it could be Tephromela atra or Aspicilia caesiocinerea, but after checking Lecanora gangaleoides it seems to be more similar.

Thanks phil

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The thallus surface looks more like that of Tephromela atra than Lecanora gangaleoides, which has a surface more like congealed porridge.

But as we cannot check the colour of the lower medulla (orange in L. gangaleoides) or in a cross-section of the apothecia, it is difficult to be sure.

Another lichen, apparently a Lecanora, is growing into the thallus.