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Observed: 16th October 2012 By: MarkCherryMarkCherry’s reputation in Invertebrates

30-40mm long, 5mm wide and 2-3mm thick, while at rest. Leech-like locomotion, thinning to a point and stretching out to about 60mm. Black upper surface, pale undersurface. Unsegmented body, no surface texture, slime coat. Found on underside of rock where earthworms were also sheltering and worm-soil was retaining moisture on an impermeable paving-stone surface.


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Wondering if you saw Arthurdendyus triangulatus (New Zealand Flatworm). Your description seems to rule out our (darker) native species. Microplana terrestris and Rhynchodemus sylvaticus.

Also...always the possibility of it being something new?

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Thanks for posting the

Thanks for posting the species names. This meant I was able to check each on Wikipedia but the shape or colour was wrong in each case. Building works in the garden now complete so it only remains to keep turning rocks until I find one again and photo it this time!