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Dark Green Fritillary

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Hi Gareth, The subspecies are

Hi Gareth,

The subspecies are interesting, I know pretty much zero about butterflies. Are they all the subspecies in Ireland or do both occur?

Is it the same with the speckled wood, all the subspecies or a mix?


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Hi Cathal Sorry for not

Hi Cathal

Sorry for not replying sooner. Yea butterflies are fascinating when you get into them, not as daunting as moths. In Ireland we only get the sub species scotica. This subspecies is also found in Scotland (bar the south) and the Isle of Man. The other subspecies is found everywhere else.
It is a similar case for the Speckled Wood. Subsecies tircis is found throughout the species range with the exception of scotland and Isles of Scilly. subs. Oblita is found in scotland and subs. insula on the isles of Scilly.

If you want to find out more about butterflies the butterfly conservation or UK butterflies websites are good. It where I learnt alot of what I know and I have only started looking a butterflies about 4/5months ago.


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Cheers Gareth, I didnt know

Cheers Gareth,

I didnt know wbout the subspecies in Ireland at all. I have a few speckled woods on iSpot which must be tircis then?

I must look into what the BCNI page has to say, so far I have only looked at the moths in detail. Fascinating as ever to find variations like this and accepted subspecies here different from Britain. Cheers for pointing this out.

Makes me wonder, just how many of our moths might one day be considered seperate subspecies?