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Is this Collemopsidium foveolatum on the barnacles

Observed: 14th October 2012 By: Ginny B
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Is this Collemopsidium foveolatum on the barnacles?
P1040237_possible Collemopsidum foveolatum

Looking like small dots on the barnacles, but I couldn't tell if they were raised, flat or sunken. If not just general wear and tear of the shells I think this might be Collemopsidium foveolatum.


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Collemopsidium foveolatum

And the barnacle is Semibalanus balanoides; the rostrum (which is the head end of the barnacle) is wider than the operculum and overlaps the flanking side plates. The carina at the opposite end is tucked inside the side plates. In your left hand picture, all three barnacles are aligned with the rostrum at the top.


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Thanks for the barnacle ID. Whenever I have see this lichen myself, it has been on Chthamalus montagui - when the damage to the barnacle has allowed any attempt at identification. It seemed scarcely logical that the lichen would really be restricted to this one species, though I did wonder if the position of C. montagui in rocky shore zonation might have an effect.

When I saw Ginny's photographs I thought the barnacle looked different and had intended to get out my 'rocky shore' books, but very good to have the ID.