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Shell with worm

Observed: 17th October 2012 By: Twiggy007

Found on Maenporth, Falmouth, Cornwall beach

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Not sure about the worm

Not sure about the worm though...

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Not sure about the worm

Not sure about the worm though...

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Your photo shows three

Your photo shows three different species (in fact three different phyla). The oyster (a mollusc), a tube-dwelling annelid worm (probably Pomatoceros triqueter) and a boring sponge (probably Cliona celata). All 3 are invertebrates so you could classify your observation as "Invertebrate" rather than "?". You could also repost the observation (twice!) if you want to highlight and establish the id. of the worm and the sponge!

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the worm

Appears to be a Pomatoceros species. Two species turn up regularly in UK and are best separated by looking at the shape of the operculum. That can't be done with only an empty tube to look at.

On the tube of P tiqueter there is a single median ridhe while on the tune of P.lamarcki there ridge is flanked on either side by a less distinct ridge.

In the picture only the median ridge is clear and so P triqueter is the most probable ID

Mike Kendall

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Jonathan, Mike and Derek are correct here, there isSpirobranchus triqueter which used to be Pomatoceros triqueter.
This is a lovely specimen which does not show the triangular overall shape but does show a key feature - a single median ridge.
I supsect Mark that you've left the arena (iSpot) which is a shame because the picture is excellent and has generated some interest but still needs moving to Invertebrates.
See my recent post here