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Observed: 16th September 2012 By: gamebirdgamebird’s reputation in Invertebrates
Beinn na Lap,Sgorr Gaibhre and Carn Dearg (71)
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Species with which Broom Moth (Melanchra pisi) interacts


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Add Latin name

You can add the Latin name (before someone else does) by adding a revised ID and clicking on 'get recommended'.

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I agree when the scientific

I agree when the scientific name is added.

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Thanks :)

I hoped it would autofill and didn't really have time to look it up when I made the post.
Thanks too for the confirmations

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It will autocomplete if you hit the Get Recommended button.

Always worth checking it has got it right when you do that, iSpot has a couple of rather out of date taxonomic names for some thing and there are occasions (e.g. Redshank) where two completly different organisms have that name (a bird and a a plant in that case).

David Howdon