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Wild yellow archangel

Observed: 4th May 2010 By: rjm556
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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short/mediumn plant,hairy sting nettles like leaves lovely yellow flowers being opposite and alternating along stem

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Lamiastrum galeobdolon subsp. argentatum

See http://ispot.org.uk/node/28912?ro=30075 for a discussion of this plant.

Chris Metherell
BSBI VC Recorder
North Northumberland

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The photos on the link below

The photos on the link below show native Yellow Archangel, notice the difference in the leaf:

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Good link. There are in fact two natives - subsp. L. g. galeobdolon and L. g. montanum. The first has flowering stems with hairs only on the edges of the stem, and the latter has hairs on the faces of the stem as well (there are other differences too). Difficult to see which plant the photo shows but probably subsp. montanum.

Chris Metherell
BSBI VC Recorder
North Northumberland