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Observed: 13th October 2012 By: gramandy
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Loads of life on this stone - best of the night really, going to add each spp. This one the polychaete. Shame it ducked into it's tube in the light. Nice bright red head/tentacles out feeding. White calcareous tube at top of pic 1. right in pic 2 next to oyster.

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VERY hard to tell, Graham, from these pics whether it's lamarcki or triqueter. We both know the differences of course (and you have stated the main one) but your pictures do not show enough detail for me to agree.
I'm interested in your response and will agree if you can be convincing.
Inevitably the names have changed -
Spirobranchus lamarcki - WoRMS

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back in...

...the early days of no good pics. I'm hoping the double ridges are just about visible on the 3rd pic. You're right the name has changed but I think later than when the pics were posted?


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It's good to see you back Graham.
Well, I'm still not really certain. I can say, however, it looks untypical of the ones I am studying VERY closely at the moment and seems to have a more confused ridge line, suggesting more than one median ridge.
I'll give you a vote just now and hope that you will dust down the settings on your camera and get some more. Though I will say it's more camera-shake than focus.
I have taken to inserting a link to WoRMS so that anyone viewing my posts will see if the name has changed. JoC is doing this too.