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Hawthorn Shield Bug

Observed: 9th October 2012 By: bevalearsbevalears’s reputation in Invertebrates
Shield Bug

Obeying the habits described for the species in the Field Guide but with much more vivid colouring. All varieties of Shield Bugs appear to be becoming more common in the North of England.

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ID comment

The scutellum of the Hawthorn Shieldbug is green.

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Thanks - my field guide does not show the Birch Shieldbug and the location is overlooked by Birch Trees, although they are mature thorn bushes around as well. Some of the other Birch Shieldbug identifications do however look a little suspect!

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the other observations are indeed all Birch Shieldbug. It's a good demonstration of how varied a species can be in its markings and colouration, and size. Plus some of these will be at different stages of development, these stages are called instars. And when a bug opens its wings it can suddenly look like something else entirely.

Your guidebook will tend to show you a fairly standard image and may or may not mention whether that species is subject to variation (many are) and to what extent.

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