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Suggestings as to identity please

Observed: 15th October 2012 By: Millie

Whilst in a part of Brechfa Forest I startled a small mammal I had never seen before and have searched the web and cannot find any image close to it, I wonder if anybody could help, unfortunately I did not get a photo so will try to give a good description : compact, size of a medium cat but not an elongated body like a weasel or polecat,it did not attempt to climb a tree but ran up a steep, tiny but well used path through the trees before it disappeared from view. It had long fur with a longish bushy tail, that was flat behind it not curled over the back, the colour was the most unusual as it was dappled grey or brown (similar to a hedgehog) with a distintive 5cm black edging on the long fur of the body and tail. The nearest I can think to describe it is "skunk like" but not quite as long haired. I first saw this a week ago and yesterday at the same spot saw a smaller version. The specific area was deciduous mixed woodland around a small stream. I would be grateful for any suggestions.


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