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Common Buzzard

Observed: 28th September 2012 By: sevenoysterssevenoysters’s reputation in Birdssevenoysters’s reputation in Birdssevenoysters’s reputation in Birds

Common Buzzard with tail feather damage (3 views of the same bird) - it was being harassed by rooks (or maybe crows) - do rooks cause this sort of damage or is there another explanation ? There didn't seem to be any physical contact while I was watching them - just dives and swoops around the tail of the buzzard. Any comments / other explanations?

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Buzzard populations

There has been a big increase in numbers due mainly the extra amount of road kill available,Buzzard are interested in carrion,as are the Magpies. Recent 'sky fights' have occurred over the Yorshire Wolds as they fight for territory, this could explain feather damage.

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re sky fights (roly poly)

thanks for that alternative - and more plausible - explanation. It's strange that the 'damage' is so evenly spread across all the tail feathers - it doesn't look like a series of random events, more like a single event.

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I suspect more prosaically they are just old feathers that need moulting, tail feathers of all species take a bit of a pounding.