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Fly with stinger pointed wings and mark

Observed: 16th October 2012 By: nuno
with sting
without sting
side view
frontal view

Spotted more than one of this kind of fly in a ground floor house since a week ago, it has a black and white mark on his back, pointed wings, and some kind of stinger. In the few minutes I was photographing the specimen, it seems that the stinger had been detached. Very small between a 0.2 and 0.3 inches long.

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The "sting"

I think the "sting" is perhaps a distal segment of the abdomen extended for egglaying - it may have been retracted in the later photos.

Donald Hobern

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yes most likely it's a female and these are the apical segments of the abdomen containing the ovipositor

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compared to a male

which has a pair of spatulate setae on the frons and a less pointed tail: