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Fen Nettle

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A local warden pointed this out to me and named it as "Fen Nettle" but I cannot locate a latin name.

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Latin name

I cannot say whether you are correct or not as I'm not familiar with the species but the Latin name for the Fen Nettle is Urtica dioica subsp. galeopsifolia

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galeopsifolia or subsp. galeopsifolia

Stingless Nettle (Fen Nettle) is sometimes treated as a subspecies or variety of Common Nettle and sometimes as a species in its own right. Urtica galeopsifolia Wierzb. ex Opiz (syn. U. dioica ssp. galeopsifolia (Wierzb. ex Opiz) Chrtek)
I think both the taxonomic status of this plant and if the Wicken fen population belongs to it is the focus of research amongst British botanists. May be one of them can enlighten us?