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Tree Pipit?

Observed: 12th October 2012 By: browntrumpetbrowntrumpet’s reputation in Birdsbrowntrumpet’s reputation in Birdsbrowntrumpet’s reputation in Birds

Right habitat for both Meadow and Tree Pipit.
Looks similar to photo of Tree Pipit in RSPB book.

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My initial thoughts were just a Meadow Pipit but on closer examination it looks exactly like a photo of a Tree Pipit in the official RSPB bird guide.
Wouldn't a Meadow have a darker underside than this?

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No, the underparts fit Meadow better than Tree, as the ground colour is rather plain white, lacking the bright buffy background colour to the spots which Tree often shows. The flank streaking is not a great help, as the feathers are rather fluffed up. The complete eye ring is a better feature for Meadow.

The location and date do not rule out Tree, but certainly are a better fit for Meadow. Tree Pipits are mostly heading for warmer climes by now, whereas Meadow are still pouring south in large numbers across most of the country and will be wintering locally, unlike Tree. I think you start with the assumption that it is Meadow, and then go from there...I can't see why it is not that species. As I said above, though, if you can see Meadow's long hind claw, it is all so much easier!


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