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Possibly Opegrapha atra

Observed: 13th October 2012 By: Ginny B
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
Ginny B’s reputation in Fungi and LichensGinny B’s reputation in Fungi and LichensGinny B’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Possibly Opegrapha atra
P1040214_possibly Opegrapha atra
P1040215_possibly Opegrapha atra thru lens
P1040218_possibly Opegrapha atra close-up
P1040219_possibly Opegrapha atr close-up

I found this one growing on the trunk of a beech tree and it is approximately 25mmx15mm. There were a few other small patches nearby.
The thallus is whitish-grey with a hint of green and lots of tiny black lirellae, some of which appear slit down the middle. As my close-ups were taken through a hand lens I’m afraid only the centre is in reasonable focus. Unfortunately I didn’t have any chemicals with me to make tests.
Having looked at many other people’s pictures on the Internet, I think this may be Opegrapha atra.


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