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Southern hawker

Observed: 13th October 2012 By: PaulChallinorPaulChallinor’s reputation in InvertebratesPaulChallinor’s reputation in InvertebratesPaulChallinor’s reputation in InvertebratesPaulChallinor’s reputation in Invertebrates

Taking a punt here! My best guess is that this is likely to be a southern hawker. But any corrections will be gratefully received.
Observed patrolling an area of water and reeds at the Newport Wetlands Reserve. Weather, sunny with stiff westerly breeze, but this area was sheltered

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Migrant hawker

Bit difficult to see but maybe a Migrant Hawker?


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Thanks for the suggestion

I know is difficult to tell from the photo. it took 10 minutes waiting and missing to get this photo. You could very well be right, I was plumping for perhaps the most likely.

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Not Southern.

The broad green antehumeral stripes would be visible on the thorax of a Southern Hawker in this shot, so it is definitely not a Southern.

Unless it is something extremely unusual, that leaves Migrant or Common Hawker as the possibilities, and of all three species Migrant Hawker is by far the most likely at this time of year (it is well past the peak flight period of the other two, which is in August, but not far past the peak for Migrant Hawkers, which is in mid September).