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Atlantic Grey seal

Observed: 14th August 2012 By: ngough24ngough24’s reputation in Mammals
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Common name

Hi Natasha - you need to edit the post and add the common name in the Identification section:-)

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Agree with Gill

add common name for completeness - our greys around here are venturing very close in at the moment (pity I'm missing them).

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Great photo, would you say

Great photo, would you say they are common around the North Cornwall.

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yes they are very common in

yes they are very common in cornwall, and around most of the british isle & ireland.

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Gray seals are incidentally

Gray seals are incidentally captured in fishing gear including gillnets, trawls, purse seines, and weirs. They are also victims of boat strikes, oil spill exposure, chemical contaminants, marine debris ingestion, power plant entrainment, and illegal shooting.

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Hi Natasha, If you havent

Hi Natasha,

If you havent already cornwall seal group are always keen to get sightings of seals in the area sent to them - they have a database of all the seals spotted and have namesa for most of them!

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