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P1120978 - Knersvlakte Insect

Observed: 4th September 2012 By: PetraBroddle
Crew (Cape Peninsula)
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I would not have seen this insect if it had not slowly jumped (grasshopper-like) in front of me. Seen late afternoon on the quartz fields of the Knersvlakte, South Africa.

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Looks like it should belong

Looks like it should belong in the Homopteran Bugs


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its actually an orthopteran, not a hemipteran, suggest you try the S. African iSpot site for this.

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work ahead

I see quite a lot of work ahead when the s Afr site joins.
Apart from wrong IDs like this, all the correct ones will have to be rejoined to the ZA dictionary.

Meantime, best to leave them alone. But fun to see that we have already 317 observations on this site waiting for ID ...