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Spectacular Rustgill

Observed: 11th October 2012 By: MartincitoMartincito’s reputation in Fungi and LichensMartincito’s reputation in Fungi and LichensMartincito’s reputation in Fungi and LichensMartincito’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
caps in wood chips
fused stems
ring zone and gills
spore print
Spores in Melzer's x1000
4-spored basidia x400
cystidia stained with Congo Red x400

Tight group of large yellowy-orange mushrooms growing in wood chips near shrubs on a traffic island.
Caps up to about 11 cm across, with holes where something (slug?) had been eating them revealing dull yellowish flesh. The caps were a patchwork of orange-brown, yellow and white patches (maybe as a result of being nibbled?). They were convex but almost flat. A few drops of KOH on the cap turned very dark reddish brown.
The stems were fused together at the base and were pale at the top, had a distinct rust-brown ring peeling downwards and were covered in yellow fibres, especially towards the base. The specimens I brought home had stem measuring 5 cm tall, 1.2 cm diameter at top and about 1.8 cm at base.
The gills were yellowish-brown and slightly decurrent. They looked more orangey after being in the house for a few hours.
A fragment of gill tasted quite bitter. The mushrooms smelt pleasantly mushroomy.
Cystidia (not sure where on the gills they were from) were shaped like skittles with a little knob at the top.
The basidia were 4-spored. The spore print was a rich brown colour. The spores were more or less oval with roughened edges and surfaces, brown in Melzer's reagent and measured 8-10 x 5-6 microns (based on sample of 60 spores, discarding highest and lowest measurements).


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